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Jacks Camp Botswana

Jack's Camp is situated in the Makgadikgadi National Park. Ultimate Luxury can be found here in a prehistoric setting, offering just 10 bedouin-style canvas luxury tents... This is a safari experience like no other...
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Jacks Camp Botswana



A relic of one of the world's largest super-lakes, the Makgadikgadi dried up thousands of years ago as a result of the continued shifting of the earth's crust...

Jack's Camp is sited in this prehistoric setting offering just ten bedouin-style canvas tents with en-suite bathrooms and spacious bedrooms with persian rugs and cool cotton sheets

While on a trapping expedition in the Makgadikgadi Pans during the 60s, Jack Bousfield stumbled upon a site that so captured his imagination, he set up camp under an acacia with the unshakeable expectation that others would feel the same.


Ten green roomy and stylish canvas tents with en-suite bathrooms and indoor and outdoor showers (for those who want to feel the Kalahari breeze on their skin) have been fashioned in classical style and are set into a palm grove creating an oasis of civilization in what can be the harshest of start environments. Persian rugs underfoot and cool cotton sheets form a striking contrast with the wilderness viewed from the comfort of one’s own verandah.


During the wet season the landscape transforms. Clouds of flamingo and other migratory birds descend from the heavens to decorate the watery grasslands. Herds of Zebra and wildebeest materialize, drawn by the lush grass and for several months, the desert is teeming with game and predators. The guides are an erudite breed. Often graduate students who combine research with guiding, their team up with a small group of Zu/hoasi Bushmen to guide guests on walks and game drives. The response from those who have been here is always the same: first your question is echoed, "Jacks Camp?” followed by a reflective pause … "It’s different”. And there they leave it, the difficulty of describing it hanging in the air like a half-build bridge. The Makgadikgadi is not without drama and, here, the emphasis is on observing the intricacies of a truly unique ecosystem to which Jack’s Camp has added stylish adaptations of its own

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