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IBO Island Lodge Mozambique

IBO Island Lodge Situated on historical IBO Island Here you will experience culture, history and romance - described as one of the most unique and atmospheric islands in the world ... Fantastic packages and specials available.
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IBO Island Lodge Mozambique

Quirimbas Archipelago


The mystery, the magic, the culture and beauty of Ibo Island beckons. Nominated for World Heritage status, and the headquarters of the Quirimbas National Park, Ibo has been described as one of the most unique and atmospheric islands in the world. Built with the community, today either directly or indirectly, IBO Island Lodge benefits a large part of the Ibo’s population. Here your visit really does make a difference. Rooms are either bay or garden facing. Overlooking the bays you witness an ever changing vista of Ibo life revolving around the tide, rather than the time. Garden rooms step out into lush tropical gardens, with chunky palm trees, and intimate swimming pools. Dragging yourself from bed becomes even more difficult. All rooms boast mahogany handcrafted beds, almost too comfortable to get out of. Beds are covered with crisp cotton linen and Indian silk throws. Escaping the heat in a climate that is always summer, air-conditioning and ceiling fans go without saying. Also, all rooms have large windows to catch the sea breeze. Rooms share wide verandas, which house comfortable plantation style chairs and soft cushions for comfort. A carded Indian screen divides the space, providing that extra bit of privacy. All the facilities at the lodge lend themselves to relaxation. Bathrooms are all en-suite with twin basins and large marble showers. Showers are designed to feel like a shower outdoors, just a little less revealing.


Ibo — a tiny tropical island off the coast of Mozambique — was a major Arab trading post for gold, ivory and slaves from 600 AD until Vasco da Gama captured it for Portugal a thousand years later. The Portuguese were abruptly evicted in 1974.

The streets of Ibo still echo the halcyon days of Portuguese rule, with elegant grand ‘palacios’ built of massive coral blocks lie forgotten in roofless abandonment.

The island remains frozen in time, offering a unique opportunity to experience an old Africa as modern luxuries of electricity, air transfers, internet and mobile phone coverage become available.

Marine Playground

Ibo is set in a glorious marine playground with scores of tropical islands that feature mangrove forests and pristine disappearing sandbanks.

Whales and dolphins roam free in the channels around Ibo, and divers and snorkelers marvel at the abundance of marine life.

Arabian sailing dhows that provide a window into Africa’s past are common transport for visitors and fishermen, with speedboats providing rapid transfers to nearby island and dive sites.

Ibo Dolphins

Ibo’s waters host large numbers of wild dolphins whose behavior is unusual in their warm welcome of visitors.

Perhaps because they have never been threatened and enjoy an abundant diet, the wild dolphins around Ibo are said to behave more like the trained dolphin of Mexico, happy to swim and share their joy with visitors.

Many visitors describe their Ibo dolphin encounters as a spiritual experience of great beauty.

Dolphin Encounters

Ibo Island Lodge dolphin encounters are ethically managed by trained guides for minimal ecological impact. Small groups receive training in dolphin behaviour and sociability and swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

As with any wild animal encounter there is a chance of not seeing dolphins, but their abundance makes this a very rare event. Many groups spend up to an hour swimming dolphin in clear sparkling waters.

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